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Live streamed hilarity featuring content creators, developers, business owners, and more in a casual environment.


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Dark Seraph
April 15, 202401:50:1075.71 MB

Dark Seraph

Send us a Text Message.In this episode we are graced with Henry & Brian from DarkFusion Systems and show off their new Milwaukee Made keyboard, the Dark Seraph. Also, we discuss the Midwest Gaming...

Straight to the Brain
April 03, 2024x
01:45:0072.17 MB

Straight to the Brain

Send us a Text Message.What would you do if you were implanted with a brain implant that let you use your computer using your brain?! The impending TikTok ban is tearing us apart! A look at Mullet Mad...

Really Sweet Virtual Reality
January 23, 2024x
01:52:1477.15 MB

Really Sweet Virtual Reality

Send us a Text Message.A shiba inu is a better gamer than you! In this episode we welcome guest Ryan from RSVR, a VR arcade here in Milwaukee to talk about the ins and outs of what happs in the VR Bar...

Extra Video Content TOO!

In addition to the podcast, we also make some side content, including reviews, retrospectives (coming soon), and more! A small taste below.

Ryan Post

"I want this to be a show where you can feel like you're part of the show..."

As someone who appreciates those who are giving it their best shot, I wanted to create a show not only just to showcase awesome people, but do it in a way that let everyone feel included & part of the action.

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