015 - Swift Kick
Bucket BytesJune 25, 2023x
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015 - Swift Kick

Ever partied with the Blue Man Group? Our good friend Logan returns to Bucket Bytes & recounts an unforgettable night with the famous performers at a Milwaukee Bucks game, and we can't help but reminisce about our own brushes with celebrity. We then pivot to the world of gaming and share our thoughts on Diablo 4, its immersive story and characters, and the addicting loot grind and combat system. However, we can't ignore the repetitive dungeons and the controversial concept of seasons - is starting a new character each time really a good idea?

As we continue to dissect the gaming industry, we examine Sony's stance on not sharing PS6 info with Activision if the merger goes through. We also touch on the pros and cons of various game release strategies and the growing debate surrounding platform exclusivity.

Finally, we dive into the ever-evolving landscape of live streaming platforms and the recent changes to Twitch's guidelines for partners and affiliates. From the emergence of competitors like Kick to the importance of building relationships with fellow content creators, we discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with streaming on different platforms. Don't miss this exciting and insightful episode packed with gaming news, industry analysis, and a healthy dose of celebrity encounters!

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