020 - Interactive Empowerment (Gamescom 2023)
Bucket BytesAugust 26, 2023x
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020 - Interactive Empowerment (Gamescom 2023)

We first pay homage to WWE's Bray Wyatt, reflecting on his remarkable career and sending heartfelt condolences before we turn our attention to gaming news from Gamescom. We explore new releases such as Little Nightmares Three and Black Myth: Wukong, compare horse riding in Crimson Desert to Elden Ring, and more. 

In the spirit of personal development, we unpack the five-second rule for productivity, and the power of positive thinking. We also share glimpses of our experiences with cold exposure training and meditation, and the impact these have had on our lives. To lighten the mood, we challenge each other with a fun movie trivia game and update you on our boutique PC giveaway. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for this rollercoaster of a journey through gaming, personal growth, and so much more!

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