021 - Summer GIveaway
Bucket BytesSeptember 03, 2023x
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021 - Summer GIveaway

Ever found yourself caught in the bittersweet transition of seasons, bidding farewell to sunny summer days and welcoming the refreshing chill of fall? We also strike up discussions about the implications of introducing a playable character for a content creator in the gaming industry. 

You'll also get to hear our thoughts on the sci-fi RPG game, Starfield. Also, in light of Volition's closure, we reflect on the legacy of Saints Row and ponder the future for its talented developers. 

Then we change gears. The dream world - a place where reality and imagination blur, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Ever wondered if your dreams carry hidden meanings, or how lucid dreaming works? Let's explore those very mysteries together, discussing recurring dreams and nightmares. We also navigate the intricate realms of mental wellness, self-improvement, and personal challenges. 

As we wrap up, we take a moment to appreciate DarkFusion Systems, a team of professionals crafting the ideal custom-made systems, and finally, reflect on the importance of spreading love and kindness. Don't just be a listener, be a part of our conversation. Tune in!

Oh yeah, we also give away a PC during this episode!

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