005 - SHOWTIME! feat. Cliff Noonan
Bucket BytesMarch 26, 2023x
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005 - SHOWTIME! feat. Cliff Noonan

We are graced by Cliff Noonan who is an APOC in LA and has done work for many of major studios including HBO, Netflix, Universal, Disney, Fox, and more. We learn a lot about how Hollywood works from the production perspective. Have you ever wondered how Kaley Cuoco or Christian Bale are behind the scenes? We've got those stories.

 Make sure to check out Cliff's next project, Again Again - a time loop feature film. After reliving the same day over and over for 10 years, a young woman awakens into an unknown day. You can check out the Indi GoGo page here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/again-again-a-time-loop-feature-film

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