Exploring the Creative Universe of Donovan Scherer from Studio Moonfall
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Exploring the Creative Universe of Donovan Scherer from Studio Moonfall

Check out Donovan & Studio Moonfall @ https://studiomoonfall.com/

Ever wonder how it feels to create an out-of-this-world universe from scratch? That's exactly what Donovan Sharer, a self-published author, illustrator, and bookstore owner, did. His varied entrepreneurial journey has spanned from organizing comic conventions and concerts to launching a physical bookstore, all while developing his intriguing Fear and Sunshine series. Donovan shares first-hand insights into how he turned his comic convention experiences into a lane for his unique creations, and how his brick-and-mortar store in Kenosha, Wisconsin is an ode to the local community of authors and businesses.

Brace yourself as we journey through Donovan's creative labyrinth. His fascinating expedition spans from the realm of video game development to creating adorable merchandise for his books. Get a feel of how Donovan wields the scepter of creativity in his hands, crafting coloring books that charm both young and old. Feel his characters come alive as he shares how they evolved over time and how he used Flash for animations and game development. You also get a sneak peek into his Starfield merchandise collection and his grand visions for his Kenosha store, Studio Moonfall.

Hear Donovan's story of hard work, creativity, and resilience, and the lessons you can draw from his journey. If you're a fan of games, books, or simply a lover of creativity, this episode is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration. Don't miss out!

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