The Grand POObah - Unique Dumpster Dives & Tech Talk
Bucket BytesOctober 15, 2023x
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The Grand POObah - Unique Dumpster Dives & Tech Talk

Ever been caught in an unexpectedly disgusting situation or found a hidden gem in a pile of trash? Well, we've got some sidesplitting stories to share of our own - from the time we had to scrub off poop at Kmart to the unbelievable treasures we’ve unearthed while garbage picking. 

Or have you ever wondered what makes a portable PC stand out in a fiercely competitive market? We discuss exactly what we are excited about for the upcoming Lenovo Legion GO. As gaming enthusiasts, our excitement doubled when we discussed Sony's latest PS5 Slim console and dived into the intriguing world of 'souls-like' games, exploring their captivating charm. And if you think that's all, wait till you hear our candid conversation about vasectomies!

In our final leg of this episode, we share some personal anecdotes from our fans and fall in love with stroop waffles. We also debate the pros and cons of YouTube celebrity culture and discuss the financial and social implications of freezing one's sperm or choosing adoption. So, grab a cup of coffee and join us as we explore a plethora of topics, sharing laughter and interesting insights along the way!

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