Turning Nightmares into Narratives featuring Jerome DK
Bucket BytesNovember 12, 2023x
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Turning Nightmares into Narratives featuring Jerome DK

What does it take for an artist to bare his soul and translate his struggles with mental health into a humorous narrative? Join us as we navigate the creative abyss with Jerome DK, an artist, filmmaker, and author who chose to wrestle with his depression and anxiety through his book Every Day is a Nightmare.

But the journey with Jerome doesn't end there. We delve into his unique psychological experiences as an artist, alternating between the therapeutic and draining aspects of creative expression. We examine his college life, and the lessons learned, including the pivotal skills of crunching and dealing with deadlines. Prepare for the unexpected as we challenge Jerome with a game of Review Bytes & REAL or Fake.

Check out Jerome DK's artwork by visiting his website at http://JeromeDK.com/ to view his projects, artwork, and more.

In addition, please be sure to check out our past guest LimeBlossom Studios' first game release of You Have No Time by clicking HERE on the Steam Store.

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